Watch with Teacher (Catalogue number WHRCD801)

“Back To School” to enjoy a selection of themes and interludes used on the television from the late 1960s to the early 1980s.

This CD release actually marks the 40th anniversary year for me, it was in the Autumn Term of 1968, whilst at primary school, that I first saw schools television during a history lesson. The programme in question was Yorkshire TV’s How we used to Live which soon established itself as one of ITV's longest-running schools programmes. However it was the music heard before and after the show that intrigued me. Just what were those rather distinctive little instrumental gems that were played, I had no idea and why were they played at all?

The reason for the gap between the schools programmes was simple. At the time, it was rare for schools to have the luxury of an expensive video recording device, still in their infancy on the domestic market. So the TV companies would schedule a music break of at least two minutes between programmes, so that one class of pupils had time to leave the TV room if another teacher with their class were waiting “in the wings” to watch the next programme that followed. Schools would rarely have more than one television set on the premises.

In most cases, the music played during these intervals was not commercially available, even if the TV company replied to an enquiry sent to them giving details, it soon became apparent that the tunes originated from LPs recorded especially for Film, TV and radio usage only. Not available to the general public. At last though, the vaults have now been unlocked!

I hope now, in some cases - 40 years later, that this CD compilation will bring back many memories of the classic TV era. CD1 - “Break Time” features a varied selection of interlude tunes and a few programme themes as well. The last part of the CD features a complete, and very popular, music sequence used between the schools programmes on Independent Television in 1974.

On CD 2 - “Playtime” there's a selection of music sequences played on the Independent Television network between 1968 and 1985. Generally, a 10 minute compilation would be recorded on a reel-to-reel tape recorder. The last track would be edited, if ncessary, to between 55 and 59 seconds - because a countdown clock would appear in vision counting down the last 60 seconds before the commencement of the next programme for schools.

It was very rare, to ever hear the complete 10 minute music sequence as the gaps between the programmes were generally only 2 to 3 minutes long. So on CD 2 you’ll hear only the latter part of each sequence, the tunes heard and remembered the most. In batches of two, each sequence will play.

There are two bonus tracks at the end of CD2. Firstly, “Dragster” which was the opening theme to “Watch It”. I've included it because if you were watching the final schools programme of the morning and the TV set was not switched off immediately, quite often you would hear this tune as the announcer promoted the afternoon children's programmes. Finally a track used as incidental music during a Music Scene programme from 1976. It features after the opening credits and before the main feature of the show, an adaptation of the MR James story “Mr Humphreys and his Inheritance”.

Hopefully, this CD will bring back many childhood memories of the music heard during schools programming. I have also inserted within the track listing, in which school term those music sequences were first played. This has been researched and hopefully is completely accurate!! (There does not appear to be any official archive of information kept)

March 2008

Track Listing

CD1 Break Time

  1. Bart Ruby
  2. Ardente Elizabeth Jazz Baroque Qunitet
  3. Rustic Rigaudon Leslie Pearson
  4. Move Over Mozart The Glen Somers Orchestra
  5. Rouge Escarlate Raymond Guiot Ensemble
  6. Close-Up Jean-Pierre Martin Group
  7. Children of the Forest Johnny Pearson and his Orchestra
  8. Perception Superstrings Plus
  9. Flute + Flute Raymond Guiot Ensemble
  10. Lorito Luis Conti Orchestra
  11. Emma The Regency Players
  12. 9-10-Out Ten Plus
  13. Pop Strings Luis Conti Orchestra
  14. Scarlatti Sound Raymond Guiot Ensemble
  15. Flight and Form Superstrings Plus
  16. Water Girl Mad Dog
  17. Sonate a Trois Jazz Baroque Quintet
  18. Alley Cat The Regency Players
  19. Puppy Dogs' Tails The Brussels Concert Orchestra
  20. Scarbalancelle Raymond Guiot Ensemble
  21. Blues Cynetique Kaufmann and Jerome Inc.
  22. The Little Trumpeter Bunny J. Browne and his New Group
  23. Hamlet on Toast L'Orchestre Moderne
  24. Indian Tea The Eiffel Tower
  25. Prima Ballerina The Swing Bach Ensemble
  26. Moving On Through Paradox
  27. Eine Kleine Swipe The Regency Orchestra
  28. Beadle-Um-Bo The Regency Orchestra
  29. Les Trois Chats The Regency Orchestra
  30. Eldorado The Regency Orchestra
  31. Avez-vous le Tempo The Regency Orchestra
  32. Middle of the Day The Regency Orchestra
  33. High Life The New Regency Players

CD2 Playtime

  1. Time to Spare The Regency Players
  2. Campus Capers The Regency Players
  3. Tambourn en Forme de Musette Paul Bonneau at son Grande Orchestre
  4. Paysage Ecossais Paul Bonneau at son Grande Orchestre
  5. This is England The Westway Studio Orchestra
  6. Commercial Link 4 - Comedy The European Soundstage Orchestra
  7. Puntillas Raymond Guiot Ensemble
  8. Running with the Wind Roger Roger Ensemble
  9. Balalaika Melody The Janos Lehar Studio Group
  10. Russian Dance The Janos Lehar Studio Group
  11. Pirol The Swing Bach Esemble
  12. Mail Carriage The Swing Bach Esemble
  13. The Cuckoo Calls Leslie Pearson
  14. Sister Monique Leslie Pearson
  15. Flower Sequence 2 Johnny Pearson and his Orchestra
  16. Sunny Woodlands Johnny Pearson and his Orchestra
  17. Sonata in A Major Brian Whiteouse
  18. Study in A Major Brian Whiteouse
  19. Hey Presto The Brian Bennett Group
  20. Bacarrat The Brian Bennett Group
  21. Frivolity The Bruton Chambe Enseble
  22. Chateaux The Bruton Chambe Enseble
  23. Passing Time David Snell
  24. Handelian Harp David Snell
  25. Sunny Standby The Sonny Patrick Sound
  26. Clockwise The Sonny Patrick Sound
  27. Tennessee Railroad Martin Kershaw's Guitars
  28. Spring to Life 2 The Steve Gray Group
  29. Sweet Lovely Jean The David Snell Ensemble
  30. Gwlad Y Gan The David Snell Ensemble