Intermission Impossible (Catalogue number WHRCD401)

From the CD sleeve - An Introductory Commentary by Ray Davies:

Ray Davies "From the 'Swinging Sixties', through the Seventies; what a great time for music. The Beatles, Burt Bacharach, Bert Kaempfert, Herb Alpert, etc. I was lucky enough to be part of that wonderful period, and even more fortunate to be surrounded by the cream of British session musicians who formed the nucleus of the groups and orchestras I was writing for during those years. At that time I was still playing the trumpet, as you'll hear on my tracks, as well as composing, arranging and conducting!"

"You'll hear some great sounds coming from the most gifted players of this or any other era. Listen to Johnny Edwards' trombone solo on 'Soft Satin Nights' and Mike Morgan's heavy metal guitar on 'Two-Way Stretch'. On keyboards I always used either Harry Stoneham or Alan Hawkshaw, and Stan Barrett and Denis Lopez took care of the percussion department. Add to this Herbie Flowers on bass guitar and Barry Morgan on drums and you have quite a formidable line-up of the best musicians in the country. I hope you enjoy listening."

RAY DAVIES, July 2004

Track Listing

  1. Two-Way Stretch The Cavendish Nine
  2. Cheyne Walk The Cavendish Congregation
  3. Friday's Theme The Cavendish Ten
  4. Let's Skip The Skymasters
  5. Joe's Talk The Cavendish Nine
  6. See You Soon The Cavendish Ten
  7. Out of the Blue The Cavendish Congregation
  8. Viva Vicente The Cavendish Nine
  9. Pronto for Paul The Cavendish Ten
  10. For Jane The Skymasters
  11. It Takes Nine to Mambo The Cavendish Nine
  12. Travellers' Joy The Cavendish Nine
  13. Little Ridsdale The Cavendish Nine
  14. Incandescence The Cavendish Ten
  15. Soft Satin Nights The Cavendish Congregation
  16. Drop Out The Cavendish Nine
  17. Let's Go Metric The Cavendish Ten
  18. Softly, Softly The Cavendish Ten
  19. Siamla The Cavendish Nine
  20. Any News The Skymasters
  21. Waltz in Jazztime The Cavendish Ten
  22. These Foolish Things The Cavendish Ten
  23. You Take It From Here The Cavendish Nine
  24. Back to Square One The Cavendish Ten
  25. Early Hours The Cavendish Ten
  26. Early Riser The Cavendish Nine
  27. In and Out of Fashion The Cavendish Ten
  28. El Hombre Solo The Cavendish Nine
  29. The Count's in Town The Cavendish Ten
  30. Easy Come, Easy Go The Skymasters
  31. A Gentle Stroll The Cavendish Ten