The Soundtrack Gallery (Catalogue number WHRCD1201)

Here’s another fine collection of TV and radio tunes used in programmes, test card transmissions and radio intervals - this time from the vaults of the Sonoton Production Music Library in Munich.

From the Radio 2 archive there’s Ed Stewart’s afternoon show theme tune entitled “Don’t Run Away”. There’s also “Our Happy Song” which was used during The Monday Movie Quiz, presented by Ray Moore. It was played as one of the music tags that would end a round of questions in a particular category. “Sunshine Days” was used as talk-over music during Tony Brandon’s early show. Paddy O’Byrne used the theme tune “Swing and Sing” during his reign on The Saturday Early Show. At the other end of the day, Nightride would be hosted by various presenters who generally had their own signature tunes. “Pretty Beaty” was used by Peter Donaldson.

From the TV archive, “Trombones and Trumpets” was the signature tune to the main local news programme, Calendar, broadcast on weekday evenings from Yorkshire Television. The late Richard Whiteley was one of the Calendar team who, of course, famously went on to present the long-running Channel 4 quiz, Countdown.

This album is dedicated to David Allan, who sadly died in January 2012. David chose the music played to accompany the BBC television test card transmissions during the 1960s and early 1970s. Some of those tracks feature in this compilation.

Steven Wills

Track Listing

  1. One Day, One Night The Manfred Minnich String Orchestra
  2. Trombones and Trumpets The Brandenburg "Pop" Symphony Orchestra
  3. Merry gerry The Reeds
  4. Doreen The Manfred Minnich Orchestra
  5. Just for You The John Fox Strings and Voices
  6. Pretty Beaty The Brandenburg "Pop" Symphony
  7. Sweet Melody The Gerhard Narholz Orchestra
  8. Texas Rose Billy's Western Brass
  9. Latin Flutes Herb Geller and his Latin Flutes
  10. Beat Coast The Brandenburg "Pop" Symphony
  11. Saxy The Reeds
  12. Miss Nelly The Gerhard Narholz Orchestra
  13. Holiday for Two The Edmund Vera Orchestra
  14. Drive Swingle Guitars
  15. One Two Three Four The Reeds
  16. Start this New Life The John Fox Strings and Voices
  17. Happymakers The Helmuth Brandenburg Orchestra
  18. Blue Dream Fritz Maldener Quartet
  19. Early Morning Mail The Edmund Vera Orchestra
  20. Pop Container The Helmuth Brandenburg Orchestra
  21. Don't Run Away The Pierre Lavin Pop Band
  22. Concerto Minimo The Edmund Vera Orchestra
  23. Our Happy Song Harold Winkler and his Orchestra
  24. Rosery The Manfred Minnich Orchestra
  25. Around the Mountain Billy's Western Brass
  26. Postillion The Edmund Vera Orchestra
  27. Let the Music Play The Helmuth Brandenvurg Orchestra
  28. Swing and Sing The Benno Wagner Choir Orchestra