Girl in a Suitcase (Catalogue number WHRCD101)

This long play CD brings together 33 (and a third) of those irritatingly familiar tunes from the 60s and 70s that were constantly to be heard on TV, radio or indeed the cinema. Despite the public's great enthusiasm to acquire this music, most of it has remained locked away until now.

"The Zodiac" by David Lindup is presented here for the first time on CD in its original full-length stereo version. It featured in the opening credits of the 1997 film The Full Monty as the theme to the travelogue - Sheffield on the Move. International Pro-Celebrity Golf, from BBC 2 featured "Girl About Town" by Tony Hatch as its theme. When Diana Rigg replaced Honor Blackman in the The Avengers for its fourth season in 1965, the main theme and incidental music changed with brand new compositions by Laurie Johnson including "Chase That Car". Pick of the Pops began life in 1955 on The Light Programme, its most famous presenter Alan Freeman taking over in 1961 with his rallying call Greetings, Pop Pickers. Its theme "At the Sign of the Swinging Cymbal" became legendary and the version recorded by Brass Incorporated in 1970 is still used today. "Men on the Move" by Keith Mansfield was the theme to the BBC 1 early evening drama Spy Trap in 1972.

Mary, Mungo and Midge joined the regulars on Watch with Mother in 1969. The music "Mini Walking, Mini Clarinet and Mini Movement" was composed by Johnny Pearson. In the 1970s the long running BBC 1 schools programme Watch adopted "Prima Ballerina" as its theme, having previously been used as part of an ITV Schools interval sequence from 1969 to 1971. "Holiday People" by James Clarke will be familiar, so will "The Loner" as it featured in The Sweeney. One of the most requested tracks has to be "Walk and Talk" by Syd Dale, used relentlessly as countdown music before the Transmitter Information on BBC 2 for many years. "Town Talk" by Ken Woodman and his Piccadilly Brass, became one of the best-ever Radio 2 themes for The Jimmy Young Show. Jimmy made his radio debut back in 1949, joining the original Radio 1 line-up in 1967. Incidentally, "Town Talk" was originally entitled "Something to Tell You" as a vocal for Jackie Bond.

New Scotland Yard from LWT, ran for 3 years from 1972, with the theme music "Eurocrat". The much-requested "Blue Bottle" was signature tune to Miri Mawr on HTV Wales, a Welsh-Language children's programme. "C'mon In" was the most famous of the themes used for Breakfast Special which started life on The Light Programme in 1965. John Dunn hosted the show from 1967. "Donald" the music from a short film called Evoluon was performed by Roger Roger Ensemble. Another Watch with Mother favourite was Teddy Edward with a seriously cult signature tune "Glad Gadabout" by Johnny Scott. "A Fuguey Day" was the theme to the ITV Schools programme The World Around Us and was used frequently as interval music on BBC 1. "The Hell Raisers", another by the maestro Syd Dale, was the theme to Orlando, produced by Rediffusion between 1965-68. A Question of Sport began life in 1970; hear again its original theme tune "Tio Pepe". Another track by Brass Incorporated follows with "Just Like That", Terry Wogan's Breakfast Show theme for many years on Radio 2.

"The Free Life" by Alan Parker was theme to the ITV comedy-drama series Moody and Pegg in 1974-75. The music was also used for one of the themes to the long-running ITV Schools programme My World. Johnny Scott's "Hot Rod" follows, it used to feature in those public information films that often appeared on TV screens during the day. Sunday and cheerful Charlie Chester's Soapbox on Radio 2, with his theme "Music to Drive By" became as well known as Charlie himself. The original version by The Oscar Brandenburg Orchestra is available here for the first time. Next "Cock of the Roost" by Don Jackson, one of the themes of ITV Schools programme Stop, Look, Listen is followed by "Roadwalk", again by Syd Dale, for News Review, a weekly round up of the news on BBC 2 with subtitles for the deaf.

"The Black Rider" played by Mark Duval and his Music precedes "Fasten Seat Belts" by Gerhard Narholz, the theme to the Radio 2 drama Ricochet. "Gumboots" by Lee Mason was used as interval music on BBC 1 in the early 70s followed by the theme to LWT's Sweepstakes Game, its theme "Running Free" was composed by Ken Woodman. "Daisy Bird" by Roger Webb and Barbara Moore features the delightful vocal sounds of Barbara. Next a track from a BBC 2 Test Card music compilation which featured "Hello Honky Tonk" written again by Syd Dale. Incidentally, the Girl on the Test Card was Carol Hersee. Her father designed it for the advent of colour transmissions on BBC2 in the 1960s. This image can still be seen occasionally, even today.

In the 60s and 70s when BBC 2 closed down during the day, apart from Play School and summer sports programmes, there was the famous Girl on the Test Card, short films and music of course, to help engineers tune in brand new colour TV sets. One such film The Home Made Car became a cult classic with music by Ron Grainer. A version of it features on the CD.

Finally, "A Well Swung Fanfare" again played by The Oscar Brandenburg Orchestra was LWT's Station Opening theme. Hopefully by now you've also discovered the hidden track from Vision On the BBC TV children's programme especially made for the deaf, an absolute treat for any child, and adult with the genius of Tony Hart and Pat Keysell amongst others. The music on the album was featured during "The Burbles" scene.

Track Listing

  1. The Full Monty
  2. International Pro-Celebrity Golf
  3. The Avengers
  4. Pick of the Pops
  5. Spy Trap
  6. Mary, Mungo and Midge
  7. Watch!
  8. TV Interval - Holiday People
  9. The Sweeney
  10. Transmitter Information
  11. Jimmy Young Show
  12. New Scotland Yard
  13. Miri Mawr
  14. Breakfast Special
  15. Evoluon
  16. Teddy Edward
  17. The World Around Us
  18. Orlando
  19. A Question of Sport
  20. Terry Wogan Show
  21. Moody and Pegg/My World
  22. TV Information Film
  23. Charlie Chester Show
  24. Stop, Look, Listen
  25. News Review
  26. TV Interval - The Black Rider
  27. Ricochet
  28. TV Interval - Gumboots
  29. The Sweepstakes Game
  30. TV Interval - Daisy Bird
  31. Test Card Music - Hello Honky Tonk
  32. The Home Made Car
  33. LWT Station Opening