Music While You Watch (Catalogue number WHRCD1001)

Here's another collection of classic TV Tunes from the Music vaults.

There's a selection of TV Themes, including comedies such as ...and mother makes three the domestic comedy series starring Wendy Craig as Sally Harrison, Potter with Arthur Lowe in the title role as Redvers Potter, Hark at Barker with Ronnie Barker as the character Lord Rustless and Queenie's Castle with Diana Dors who plays Queenie Shepherd.

Other themes include Crown Court the long running courtroom drama series. The lunchtime episodes featured a case lasting three programmes, with a jury assembled from members of the public who would give their verdict at the end of the programme. Plus, Melissa a Francis Durbridge thriller starring Peter Barkworth as Guy Foster and Spindoe, a crime drama starring Ray McAnally in the title role as Alec Spindoe.

Enjoy again the popular theme to The Village set in Bentley, Hampshire, featuring the day-to-day lives and events of the villagers. There's also one of the most remembered themes to Finding Out in the CD set, the long running schools programme from Thames TV. Plus music from, perhaps, the most creative children's programme ever Vision On, produced specifically for deaf children with Tony Hart and Pat Keysell.

Other themes include Tripper's Day, Leonard Rossiter's last TV sitcom, where he plays Norman Tripper as a supermarket manager and Répondez s’il vous Plaît an education programme inviting people to learn French.

Also featured on the CDs are Test Card music tracks, with a selection of tunes played on Channel Four Test Card transmissions on the second CD, and interlude music used during Daytime TV to fill the gaps between the programmes.

I do hope that many of these tunes bring back memories of a golder era of television.

Happy Listening

Steven Wills
Winchester Hospital Radio
April 2010

Track Listing


  1. Smiley Projection
  2. Four in Hand The Otto Keller Orchestra
  3. Merry Ocarina The Pierre Arvay Group
  4. Song of Autumn The Reg Tilsley Orchestral
  5. Get Up and Go The Richard Nielson Group
  6. Mazurka to Minuet The Pandora Orchestra
  7. A Girl Like You The European Sound Stage Orchestra
  8. Boulevard St. Michel The International Studio Orchestra
  9. The Greatest Show on Earth The Reg Tilsley Orchestral
  10. Lumineux Cheverny Raymond Guiot
  11. Danza Gaya The Raphaele Woodwind Sextet
  12. Summer Convertible The Reg Tilsley Orchestral
  13. Bouncing Boots The London Studio Group
  14. March of the Moogs Paddy Kingsland
  15. Open House The William Gardner Group
  16. Sweet Unity The Otto Keller Orchestra
  17. Family Theme Johnny Hawksworth Group
  18. Distant Hills The International Studio Orchestra
  19. Snowdrops and Raindrops The European Sound Stage Orchestra
  20. Morning Call Orchestra Raphaele, cond. Peter Walden
  21. Doodle Munich Concert Pop Orchestra
  22. Live Free The International Studio Orchestra
  23. Spindoe The Modern Sound
  24. Swinging Pizzicato The Gerhard Narholz Orchestra
  25. Sparky The Roger Webb Group
  26. Pink Skies The International Studio Orchestra
  27. Kitten The Pandora Orchestra
  28. The Little Hacienda Orchestra Raphaele, cond. Peter Walden
  29. Perky Flute The International Studio Orchestra
  30. The Glass Triangle The Pierre Arvay Orchestra
  31. Mr Pickwick The Group 10 Players
  32. The Muffin Man Projection


  1. Superstar (A) Keith Mansfield
  2. Butterfly 1 The Bruton Light Orchestra
  3. Spacefree Memo
  4. A Boy and a Girl The Anthony Mawer Orchestra
  5. Heroes The Gordon Giltrap Band
  6. Laurel Canyon Backstep (I) Polson Pickers
  7. All the Good Times (B) Keith Mansfield
  8. Dot’s The Bruton Players
  9. Electronic Toccata Monica Beale
  10. Taste for Living The European Sound Stage Orchestra
  11. Jazz Prelude The Brian Bennett Group
  12. Looking Forward (A) Nick Glennie-Smith
  13. Family Affair The Bruton Players
  14. Pennyweight Kevin Peek
  15. Colour Supplement The Bruton Beat
  16. Those Sparkling Eyes The David Snell Quartet
  17. Winners The Bruton Beat
  18. Sunny Day Trevor Jones
  19. Sherwood Forest Alan Parker
  20. Sunday in the City Ray Davies
  21. Motivation Andy Clark
  22. Flirtation The Bruton Players
  23. Prelude Kathleen Crees
  24. Charisma Michelangelo
  25. Airedale Curry Geoff Bastow
  26. Country Squire The International Studio Orchestra
  27. Soul Machine The Bruton Beat
  28. Rose Petals Kevin Peek
  29. Lots of Fun The Bruton Players
  30. Captain Quirk Memo