What We Are - Making a Donation

Winchester Hospital Radio (WHR) is a registered charity (No. 290553), and is based at the Royal Hampshire County Hospital (RHCH) in Winchester. We provide a radio service (via Hospedia units) and a daily visit by ward visitors to in-patients at the hospital. Our audience is a limited, yet well defined, group of people, with the majority of our listeners being aged over 40 years. To make sure that we are producing programmes which are of interest to the patients, we regularly carry out audience surveys.

WHR is a member of the Hospital Broadcasting Association, and like all other hospital radios stations is run by volunteers, and is funded entirely from money raised by the members. If you would care to help us continue the service to our patients, please make a donation by clicking on one of the logos below. Through eBay for Charity, as well as making a direct donation, you are also able to donate a portion of the proceeds from your sales on eBay.

Donate through Just Text Giving from Vodafone Donate through BTMyDonate Donate through GiveNow Donate to WHR through eBay for Chairy
Donate through Just Text Giving from Vodafone.

Text UUHR24 followed by
£1, £2, £3, £4, £5 or £10
(e.g. UUHR £10) to 70070

Vodafone make no charge to WHR for this.
Donate through BTMyDonate

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Donate through CAF Online Donate through eBay for Charity

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